1. Water Repellent

How does it work?

The fabric manufacturing process is completed by adding a non-fluoride finish onto the fabric followed by a drying process. This process is like a coating layer added to achieve the best repellent performance at the end.

Our Durable Water Repellent Tech that Performs Better Than Other Standard DWRs

Our tech outperforms a standard DWR fabric when tested for liquid repellency, which measures the resistance of fabrics to wetting by liquids. After 20 washings at home, our finish on the fabric still retains its excellent repellency, unlike other standard DWR finishes.

Basics Beyond fab tech benifits


1.Features innovative water repellent tech while also maintaining the natural comfort of cotton

2.Soft, smooth, and lightweight with a 4-way stretch for your everyday movement

3.Lasts longer life of the apparelA longer-lasting clothing life

4.Facilitates an easier laundry process

2. Air-Cooling & Quick Dry

How Does It Work?

Our Air-Cooling fabrics go further by taking advantage of the human body’s natural cooling mechanism to keep cooler in hot weather. Our fabrics boost airflow to draw moisture away from the skin.

Basics Beyond fab tech benifits


1.Highly flexible and elastic, our fabrics feature 4-way stretch to match your natural movements, even those of athletes.

2.Seamless side design for the ultimate comfort.

3.Additional perforations at the armpit allow for more airflow, making our apparel highly breathable.

4.Antimicrobial treatment helps to prevent unpleasant odors.