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Basics Beyond

Quick Wicking Crew Neck T-shirt

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Color — Wavy Blue
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Always Dry Inside

Built to stay dry and fresh. Our WICKYOND technology transfers sweat to the outside immediately. It wicks moisture away from the skin to the outside of the fabric where it spreads across the fabric surface and evaporates.

Change Your Sweat into More Fun

Solid when it’s dry, print appears inside when it absorbs sweat.

80% Reduction in Cling

Feel sticky and cling when sweating in a normal cotton T-shirt? The instant movement of moisture with WICKYOND tech reduces 80% in cling and eliminates damp feeling on your skin.

Perfect for Undershirt

A sweat wicking undershirt saves your clothing from sweat and deodorant from being in direct contact with your skin. Be confident and comfortable for everyday dress up.

The Best Fit

Basics Beyond T-shirts were wear-tested around the world and proven to be the best fit. They fit for everyBODY. Leave you room for comfort without being baggy.

Every Detail Matters

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a. Designed to pull moisture away from your skin side to the outer layer, keeping you fresh and comfortable.
b. Solid when it's dry, print appears inside when it absorbs sweat.
c. 80% reduction in cling and eliminate damp feeling on your skin.
d. Perfect for undershirt.


91% Cotton
9% Spandex

Care Guide

a. Machine washable
b. Wash with temperatures below 30°C
c. Do not bleach
d. Iron at low temperature
e. Do not dry clean